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The Electrical Estimator Professional

April 23, 2018


  • Ethics: The practice of construction estimating is a highly technical and professional discipline. It also involves abiding by certain standards of ethical conduct and moral judgment that go beyond the technical aspects of the discipline. Estimators are often the most familiar with the complete project. They must exercise sound moral and professional judgment at all times when preparing the project estimate. Estimators sometime receive pressure from other members of the construction team to make expedient short-term decisions that can result in an unsound bid. Resistance to this type of pressure is a part of the estimator's job. Examples of expedient behavior litter the history of inaccurate construction estimating. Deficient estimates can also cause strife and litigation between members of the construction team. 
  • Integrity: Estimators are expected to use standards of confidentiality in a manner at least equal to that of other professional societies. The estimator shall keep in strictest confidence information received from outside sources. The practice, commonly called "bid peddling", is a breach of ethics and is condemned by the ASPE and that of other societies and construction organizations.
  • Judgment: Judgment is a skill obtained by estimators through proper training and extensive experience. Estimators should always use sound judgment and common sense when preparing estimates. Proper use of judgment may mean the difference between profit and loss for the company or client.
  • Attitude: Estimators should approach each estimate with a professional attitude and examine in thorough detail all areas of the work. They will set aside specific times each day for entry of estimate quantities and data without interruption. Total mental concentration is a basic requirement for preparing accurate cost estimates.
  • Thoroughness: An estimator will allow enough time to research and become familiar with the background and details of the project and then promptly complete the quantity survey. They will review the various aspects of the project with the other disciplines involved. The estimator with the most thorough knowledge of a project best serves the owner and project team, and has the best competitive advantage when preparing a bid.

This is what is expected of estimators and we strive to live up to these essential ethics here at Charter Estimating. Our staff is made up of very experienced educated professionals with the same goal in mind. The most Accurate on-time electrical estimating services that we can provide. Give us a call today or send your plans to the link provided and get your free quote today!