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More Than Just an Estimator

February 27, 2018

Having an accurate bid is very important to getting an award, but it's not everything. There are steps that you need to take in order to not only have an accurate bid but be the sub the General Contractor wants to do business with.

We provide you with proven methods to use step by step to help you not only present an award winning bid but WIN more jobs!

Steps like

1. Open and respond to every “Invitation to Bid” as quickly as you can

2. If the GC conducts a pre-bid meeting, make sure you attend

If only one GC invited you to bid on a project, call the project’s owner or architect to request the complete list of “GC Bidders.”

4. When preparing your bid proposal, include information the GC needs to evaluate your bid – scope of work, alternates, unit prices, addendums, and product literature

5. Submit your bid no later than the day and time specified by the GC on their bid invitation

6. Bid on projects that are targeted to your specialties

These are just some of the steps that a sub needs to take in order to win the confidence of the GC that you are going to not only provide a good number but complete the job without issues and on time. The General Contractors have enough head aches and the last thing they want is another one. Make sure you have the right people in place to help you through the process. 

At Charter Estimating we are more than just an estimating company.. We provide you with a complete estimating "Team" to help you from start to finish and give you that critical support you need to not only WIN but provide you and your business support through the entire process. Call or email us today.. for more information on how to get started Charter Estimating