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Independent Electrical Estimators

October 25, 2017

When you hire Charter Estimating, you get Electrical Estimators, Electrical Contractors, and Electrical Engineers, all in one highly knowledgeable team. We have years and years of combined experience to help you take on any project that you wish to take head on. With Charter Estimating, you have a team of guys on your side 24/7 to help you from start to finish, guiding you and advising you all the way to the finish line. We don't stop at bid day. We will be in constant contact with you and your GC to ensure your job was considered as the best choice to complete the project. We are on your side, and you will realize that when you do business with us because here at Charter Estimating, you are more than just a client; we care about your business and how well you succeed, because when you succeed, we succeed.