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February 7, 2018


Three Skills Every Electrical Estimator Must Have!

1. Passion 
2. Attention to detail 
3. Consistent method of takeoffs for projects


I know that a lack of passion brings down more estimators than anything else. A question that I ask is, "What do you enjoy most: Monday - Fridays or weekends?" The answer is generally weekends because you can pursue activities that you enjoy. However, my reply to you is: "Why are you not working in a field that you enjoy? Why don't you pursue your passion?"

Attention to detail is critical for an estimator. We see estimators who, while estimating, come across items that they either do not understand or have never had to install. We see in their estimates items such as "misc UPS $500.00" and "8 hours to install." Now the UPS (uninterrupted Power Supply) in question was a unit that I knew was worth between 6 to 7 thousand dollars to purchase; the installation hours of 8 hours would have been a little low for me, but was within range if I knew the installation to be particularly easy. The problem was the estimator "winged" a number for an item that they had never had any experience. The internet can provide a lot of information quickly and UPS providers can quote items quickly; why "wing" items? Attention to detail is critical.

While estimating, I estimate every job in the same manner, every time! I use three colors to mark up drawings, and I use the same breakouts to separate levels and other breakouts to separate major items. In this manner, I can look at a total floor or an entire system separately. Or I can look at a system on a single floor. Using a good estimating software can help tremendously, and so having computer skills these days is a must. If you have questions about your estimator, or are looking to hire an electrical estimator with a high level of skill and experience, consider outsourcing. Charter Estimating has a team of Sr Estimators that have the skills to take on any large or complicated project. Call or email us today for more information on our services.