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Electrical Estimating Services

November 13, 2017



Electrical Estimating Services

There are many electrical estimating companies out there, but by using Charter Estimating, you can be assured you are hiring some of the best electrical cost estimators in the business today. Every one of our electrical estimators have years of experience and know the business inside and out. We strive to be the best and to produce the most attractive, effective bid-winning electrical estimates possible.

 In addition to working on a one-time, as-needed basis, we are also available to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. Whether you are looking for part-time, full-time, or more than one estimator, we are always here to help you further your companies goals. We also work as an electrical estimating consultant for contractors just getting started. We offer these essential services along with our estimating. We are the complete electrical estimating services company.

When you outsource your projects to our electrical estimating services you hire a group of individuals that are 110% dedicated to the field of electrical estimating. While your employee (full time estimator) arrives at work every day and just goes through the motions while we are living breathing & sleeping electrical estimating. We keep up with the market trends, we read and study electrical estimating and stay at the top of our game. We are constantly upgrading and improving our skills and our technology to stay competitive while your employee or employees get complacent. All the while you have to pay for insurance, vacation, time off for sick days and the list goes on.. We provide a great alternative to hiring full time electrical estimators. 

We can take the burden off your shoulders, We offer part time full time solutions to your electrical estimating needs. We provide you a team to stand behind you and support you when the need arises. We make a great team! Part-Time Full-Time or when you have a large project that your employee isn't comfortable bidding, Call Us! We have the knowledge and the expertise to take on any project. Or If you are a small company and need a professional estimator.. we are the right choice!

Of course having us Full time is a better solution to your companies long term success. When we work together on a consistent basis we learn your market and get to know your GC's and what they expect. We also learn what your competition is doing so we can strive to be the better choice for the Electrical Contractor bidding.  We've helped hundreds of companies succeed using our proven techniques to significantly improve and even double your bid wins. Let us help you Succeed! 

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